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Save up to 42% off an e-bike with a GCI commuter package...

How it works

Getting your bike is simple, your employer will provide you with a voucher to hire a commuting package of your choice. The package can contain an e-bike or an ordinary bike as well as safety equipment, clothing and accessories, tools and spares.

The cost of your voucher is repaid via salary sacrifice. Depending on your tax rate, you’ll save either 32% or 42% on the cost of the package.

Because the salary sacrifice period is independent of the hire period, depending on your employer, you can normally choose 6, 12, 18 or 24 month periods. So you can afford a really decent quality e-bike.

We will work with your employer on your behalf to put the GCI in place – get in touch for a chat.

Green Commute Initiative – Employees

Available Brands