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An increasing amount of companies are loving the idea of an e-bike rental scheme as a new, innovative income stream. But a lot of them are stuck with whether to go for the cheap electric bikes available online or more expensive options. With over 26 million e-bikes manufactured and sold all over the world each year, unfortunately, most of them are of low quality. There are a few reasons you should avoid buying cheap electric bikes. Most of them come without a warranty, servicing options, or readily available spare parts, and most likely are having a poor quality battery, which happens to be one of the most expensive parts of an electric bike.

Nowadays, there are a lot of online stores filled with all sort of electric bikes and accessories. There are few people cashing in on electric bikes without the knowledge and experience of e-bikes. Business owners are looking for a means to cut their expenses on the long run by buying e-bikes, so there is a need to get the right type of bike that won’t later cost lot of money on repairs.

Cheap electric bikes are usually faced with the following problems

  • The motor fails – cheap bikes come with cheap motors that are fitted with low quality hall sensors (speed and motion sensors). With time, the hall sensor will malfunction and the motor will stop working. Attempting to change the hall sensor will cost more than a new motor, which is not good for business owners
  • The battery fails – a 36V battery is made up of 13 cells. In cheap bikes, 2 or more cell get damaged in a very short time of usage. The battery appears to charge fully, but drop their charge immediately. This can reduce the battery range from 30km to 10km for a full charge. This leaves the business owner no option than to get a new battery, which cost around £600.

For companies to get the best out of their electric bikes, they are reccomended to buy the more expensive, and higher quality e-bikes. Ride Electric offers a unique solution for businesses, with their commercial and retail partner programs. The Ride Electric commercial partner program was created to provide an easy access method of building a business around e-bike rentals.  Partners are equipped with high quality bikes with models to suit their market. If you are looking for a solution to avoid getting a cheap e-bike that would cost you more money on repairs, then Ride Electric has the best options.

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