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Sadly the end of summer is upon us...

Grey skies are rolling in, harsh winds are sweeping by and the kids are back in school. There are more cars on the road than ever, people zipping about in fear of the weather yet find themselves in a traffic jam on a crisp autumn morning cursing the levels of traffic. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to. Fortunately, here at Ride Electric we are big believers in health and well being, we are here to get you through those winter months more affordably than ever! Ebikes are all weather vehicles with full mudguards, lights and panniers. A motor that can battle the harshest of winds, a battery that comfortably take you to work for a week on a single charge whilst saving you money. Wave goodbye to traffic jams are road rage and welcome in a new commute of stress free commuting.

What were your New Year’s resolutions? Statistics would dictate that it was more than likely to get fit, lose weight or eat healthier. We can certainly help you with two of those. The problem with the gym is you have to take multiple hours out of your day to sweat in a fluorescently lit room with strangers whilst paying an arm and a leg. The problem with cycling is there are two many factors that will ruin your ride; the weather, the clothing, the effort. The list goes on. What if you could fit in exercise with your daily routine? What if you could remove some of those variables? What if you could go for longer and further? These are all the things you wouldn’t be able to achieve during the toughest months of the year on a traditional bike or the gym.

This weekend we are offering you the opportunity to save upto £1000 off the price of an ebike and your ticket to a better standard of living. Stress free commuting with fresh air and exercise. Ebikes offer you the flexibility of getting exercise with low assistance and effort free travel with high assistance.

Visit us at Tynemouth Metro station this weekend 14th & 15th , where you can grab yourself a bargain and ride it away…

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