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Did you know that you can purchase our bikes through The Green Commute Initiative (GCI) this acts just like the cycle to work scheme where you agree a tax saving salary sacrifice over 12,18 or 24 months and purchase a bike and equipment worth up to £3,500. Here's a summary:

A smart way to ease the financial pain is to sign up to a cycle-to-work scheme, the government-backed initiative that can knock up to 40% off the cost of a new bike through salary sacrifice.

However, where these schemes hit a roadblock is that you are only allowed to spend up to £1,000, which rules out almost all e-bikes. To clear the way the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) has recently been launched, specifically targeting the e-bike market with a mission to help get more commuters out of their cars – thereby cutting air pollution and traffic congestion.

Unlike other cycle-to-work schemes there is no £1,000 cap, and the GCI has already signed up some big name organisations including Heathrow airport, Heathrow Express and the City of London. “Many peoplewho try out e-bikes like them, but are put off because they think they’re too expensive. The GCI makes e-bikes more affordable to more people,” says Rob Howes, managing director at GCI, who also developed Halfords’ cycle-to-work scheme.

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So can an e-bike help you to save money on your commute? The good news is that with the battery costing less than 10p to recharge, plus an annual service charge of about £50, the financial benefits of e-bikes are compelling. “I’m on track for my e-bike to have paid for itself within four months, and after that I’m saving money compared with commuting in the car,” says Dalton, who bought his e-bike through the GCI.

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