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A lot of people are visiting outdoor attractions over the years. With the increase in the number of people visiting, there is a need for managers to look for ways to increase visitors dwell time in the attraction, to increase their daily revenue. Whether the Outdoor farm attraction centre charges for entry or not, there are a lot of ways by which they can generate more income. For them to generate more money, they need to find a way to encourage visitors to increase their dwell time in their centre, which would lead to visitors spending more money on the centre. To increase visitors dwell time on your outdoor attraction, you may consider having some of the following on your land.

  1. E-bikes: this are bicycles with integrated electric motors. They use rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h depending on the type. Electric bikes are environmental friendly and can take you on a long distance with less effort in a shorter period of time. Visitors would derive much fun riding on an e-bike around the attraction, especially if it is located in a hilly environment. With lesser energy, families would find themselves spending much time than they planned, when they are cycling around the farm with fun and less energy consumption or sweat. Ride Electric is available for partnership to get e-bikes to rent out at affordable rates.
  2. An Adventure Golf Course: adventure golf are competitive, social fun that offers plenty of thrills and laughs to everyone. Armed with nothing more than a ball and putter, the aim is to move round the course in few attempts as possible. The game can be played by both the young and the old. Families come together to play this game, spending a lot of time having fun with their kids, without checking the time.
  3. Shops: open shops that sell some of the necessary things visitors might require during their stay at the farm. Things like snacks for little children, phone chargers for adults and some other product lines that can increase your revenue. You can also sell some of the farm produce in the shop. This is a huge way of making extra revenue from visitors.
  4. Events: make your farm available for outdoor events like wedding ceremonies, prom parties and other corporate events. This would bring in more visitors to your farm, thereby allowing them to see all other beautiful things you have on the farmland.
  5. Outdoor Play Area: add an outdoor play area inside. Play is a vital part of children development. Children need an outlet where they can use their imagination, make new friends and take on challenges while having fun. A lot of attraction owners have been adding indoor play area that looks like an outdoor play area to their farm parks because of its importance to an increase revenue.

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