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A Merry Christmas from all of us at Ride Electric, hear about how our year was and a bit of 2020!

This past year has seen a new home to Ride Electric moving into the wonderful Tynemouth Metro Station. We have met lots of amazing people we wouldn’t have met before and we have gained lots of new friends. Such as our great friends here in the metro station; Buy the Kilo, Sweet Reminisce, Tynemouth Barbers, Common Ilk, Square Roots and common fiction. We all have helped bring a new lease of life to the metro station, and we’ve had a great time being here.

This past year has brought new partnerships. Tynemouth Coffee CO investing in a state of the art cargo bike taking a van off the road to do coffee deliveries without impacting the environment. Northumbria police conducting a month’s trial to tackle anti-social behavior and knife crime on eBikes, allowing to free up resources, get to otherwise out of reach places and even locate a missing person in record time thus far. Sunderland City Council has invested in pool eBikes for employees to use to reduce their reliance on cars and improve clean air. Finally bringing some new innovative brands onto the Ride Electric roster such as Tern, Forme, and Merida.

We, of course, have to thank our lovely customers who have joined the eBike revolution! Allowing to cycle further and faster. From commuting, getting around and for fitness. From step throughs, folding eBikes and eCargo bikes. We have you to thank for the modal shift of getting out of cars and out on eBikes and helping promote our message.

So a big thank you to everyone for the great year that we have had, we are very grateful.
We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2020 is going to be a great year as we have secured meetings in the first two weeks in January with all local authorities in the region to discuss the future of clean air. Exciting times to come, watch this space…

All the best from us at Ride Electric!

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