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Don't be cynical about eMTBs, they are truly sensational. Don't take our word for it...

Watch freeride legend Wade Simmons doing things on a Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay that he couldn’t do on a regular bike.

Wade Simmons: “Climbing, descending, XC, freeride, e-bikes, whatever. I live for it all, and I was excited to be a part of this. And maybe a little part of me likes rocking the boat.

“I was blown away. My exhausted, delirious enthusiasm in the film is genuine. That moment is me realizing that the possibilities of e-bikes are truly endless.

“The next day, we find this perfectly scooped wallride that just begged to be ridden, but it has a rough, slightly uphill approach. ‘I’m hitting that,’ I call it out the moment I see it, but in truth, I’m not sure it’ll work. I put in a few cranks and carve the whole thing first try.

rocky mountain altitude powerplay

Pic: Matt Wragg

“What surprised me most was how the added power opened up new possibilities everywhere. I was able to keep things flowing and link that wallride up with all kinds of other features. This zone was too damn fun.

“This trip shined a new light on mountain biking for me. There is a paradigm shift underway. I feel like we’ve only started to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Throughout this trip I realized I wasn’t riding an eMTB to make my riding any easier, I was riding an eMTB to open doors to things a regular bike couldn’t. This old dog is learning some new tricks, finding new lines on old trails, and having a blast. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!”

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