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We welcome the great Swiss brand Stromer to our range


We have just had our first glimpse of the beautiful Stromer ST5, and are glad to announce that we are becoming a Stomer eBike dealer. We will be the only UK dealer North of London. 


Never heard of Stomer? Stromer is a Swiss brand and they are one of the world leaders in the new era of urban mobility. They produced their first Speed pedelec in 2009 and then partnered with the well-known swiss bike brand BMC. In 2017 Stomer became independent again and since then have continued to grow and have won multiple awards for their speed pedelecs. 

All Stomer eBikes are high speed which means they are capable of 45kph opposed to the 25kph reached by a regular eBike. They are a brilliant car replacement and in a lot of cases actually shorten commute times. The benefits for an active commute are both monetary and improvements in wellbeing.   


One of our customers has told us that he “saves £40 per week on fuel” that is over £2000 per year. Using his Stomer only adds 10 minutes on to his commute compared to driving. This is the future and we are excited to see it. 


If you have any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us. 


The Ride Electric Team 

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