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San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona. What do all these cities have in common? eScooters. Cities across the globe are adopting a new form of urban transportation, that allow people to travel short distances quickly and efficiently without breaking a sweat.

eScooters are not a replacement for an existing vehicle they are a tool used to make other forms of transportation more practical. A typical commute is by car. 68% of UK commuters drive to work with an average of 25 minutes here in the north east. Why is that?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a typical commuter here in Newcastle. It’s twenty past eight and you are about to set off for work. Your car is on your drive, you get in and go. Simple as that. Whereas you closest metro station is a 20 minute walk. If you were to take a bus you’d have to walk 10 minutes to get one bus for 10 minutes then a second for 20 followed by a short walk. That’s why cars are so appealing to 68% of the population.

This is where eScooters come in. In an age of carbon footprint, clean air zones and congestion charges people are beginning to have to look for alternatives. eScooters are compact and light enough to carry. That 20 minute walk to the Metro station just became 8. You can now cut out that first bus by taking a more direct route to the second bus. Taking only 10 minutes to get to that second bus.

In all these Scenarios the car beats out in terms in time. In all but the most congested cities it probably always will. However you’d be stuck in traffic jams, having a stress about things that simply don’t need stressing about first thing in the morning. The eScooter opens up new options more realistic than ever before, where you can enjoy the fresh outdoors then have abit of you time on a bus or train before you start your day.

I like to see the eScooter as a more realistic version of a folding bike. Unless you are taking a full sized train to work and cycling multiple miles either end a folding bike is just too heavy and cumbersome to be dealing with on a daily basis. That is exactly why eScooters have taken off in major cities and folding eBikes haven’t.

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