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Our bikes are sold with the following warranties provided by the manufacturer:

Scott Sports

Scott Warranty

Scott Sport’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship at the time of transfer of risks in frames, swingarms and forks on SCOTT branded bikes sold completely assembled by SCOTT or Ride Electric.  This voluntary manufacturer’s warranty is limited to five years for frames and swingarms, respectively two years for forks, from the date of purchase of the Product and is limited to the first purchaser of the Product and subject to the prior registration of your SCOTT-bike on within 10 days as od the date of purchase.


Bergamont Warranty

Bergamont direct purchasers have full warranty rights within the first two years after purchase.


HaiBike Warranty

HaiBike state that their statutory liability for material defects applies to the entire bicycle for two years. Excluded from this are wear and tear parts. Owners can get more information about the wear and tear parts in their Haibike manual. The first owner gets 5 years manufacturer’s warranty on the frame starting on the purchase day.

Available Brands